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“Corrupción y dilemas morales: ¿dos lados de la misma moneda?”

urria 28, 2014

Nuevo post de Jon Mikel Zabala en Ekonomiaren Plaza (Diario Vasco): blogs.diariovasco.com/ekonomiaren-pl


“África: ¿Buenas o malas noticias?”

urria 21, 2014

Post de Asier Minondo en Ekonomiaren Plaza (Diario Vasco): 

“The net foreign asset position and government size”

urria 17, 2014

Just published a new paper at the International Review of Economics and Finance: (ungated version until 29 November 2014). This paper analyzes the relationship between the net foreign asset position of a country, and government size and consumption-wealth ratio in a stochastically growing small open economy. The model suggests that more indebted countries are associated with bigger governments when utility-enhancing government spending is also volatility-reducing. More indebted countries would have a higher volatility originating from domestic sources, thus encouraging government to increase its size. Consumption-wealth ratio would also be higher for more indebted countries. The empirical evidence based on a sample of 49 countries for the period 1970-2009 broadly supports the main results of the model across many different specifications.

“¿Y tú cuánto estarías dispuesto a pagar por leer El Diario Vasco?”

urria 14, 2014

Hoy el post es mío en Ekonomiaren Plaza (Diario Vasco): http://blogs.diariovasco.com/ekonomiaren-plaza/2014/10/14/pagardiario/

“Dime cuál es tu ADN y diré cuán feliz eres”

urria 7, 2014

Hoy post de Jon Mikel Zabala en Ekonomiaren Plaza (Diario Vasco): http://blogs.diariovasco.com/ekonomiaren-plaza/2014/10/07/adn-felicidad/